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Article Number: QT22-108

Vegan 3D Faux Mink Russian Volume French

Are you the one who loves lash extensions but hates and pays a fortune then you will love our Russian volume lashes!

Our russian volume lashes have ultra thin strands that mimic lash extensions with an ultra thin lash band that blends with your own lash line. The material is carefully selected with high quality and a stylish design that suits everyone. Choose from different shapes, length, fringe and color.

The Russian Volume collection offers lashes in black / transparent lash band. We have also added 2 stylish cocoa colored lashes to the collection. If you have not tried brown lashes, you should do it now. It adds a softer tone and is perfect for summer.


Usage: 20+

Strip band: Black

Material: Premium Synthetic 

Effect: Wispy

Color: Black

Curl: DD inflection

Length: 15mm

Adhesive not included


13.12 EUR 9.18 EUR


13.12 EUR 9.18 EUR


13.12 EUR 9.18 EUR


13.12 EUR 9.18 EUR


13.12 EUR 9.18 EUR