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Mink Eyelashes Tease

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  • 4.37 EUR

False eyelashes give a cat eye effect with extra focus in the outer edge of the eye. Full-bodied lashes with a lot of volume. One of our best sellers

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Article Number: 000324

Big Lashes Stockholm offers a large variety of false eyelashes. Choose from different styles and materials. Big Lashes Stockholm's false eyelashes are made of high quality materials for the best comfort. The lashes are made with a soft cotton band that makes it comfortable to wear all day. All our lashes are handmade with the right amount of volume for a more natural look.

All our 3D Mink lashes can be used 20-30 times with proper care.

False eyelashes can be trimmed to fit all eye shapes. Always keep your false eyelashes in the lash box to preserve their longevity.

  • Usage: 20-30 times
  • Material: 3D Mink
  • Effect: Wispy
  • Volume: Medium
  • Length: 16-18mm
  • Adhesive not included


14.56 EUR 4.37 EUR

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