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Affiliate Program

Big Lashes Sthlm Affiliate Program

If you love Big Lashes Sthlm lashes then this affiliate program is perfect for you. Wear our lashes or Jewelry and promote us and earn commission on every sale you make. Make 20% commission on each sale you generate with your own unique affiliate link that we provide you with. 

What is the Big Lashes Sthlm Affiliate Program?

By entering Big Lashes Sthlm affiliate program you will be in a process of earing commission by promoting your favourite products. Every sale that is made through your unique affiliate link you will earn 20% commission. For example if sold a pair of Whispy lashes (159SEK) via your affiliate link you will earn 31,80 SEK in commission. So if you sell more items you will earn 20% on the entire order via your affiliate link. It's prohibited to purchase from your own link.

How Does the  Big Lashes Sthlm Affiliate Program  work?

We work with a company called GOAFFPRO that specializes in Affiliate Program management.

GOAFFPRO manages and tracks all activity associated with our program, they track links and orders and ensure that you receive your commission.

Through the GOAFFPRO portal you’ll have access to all of our affiliate creative assets. 

What are the Requirement?

The only requirement we have is that you love our products. No matter where you live in the world you are welcome to apply.

Do I get Free Big Lashes Sthlm Products?

Big Lashes Sthlm affiliate program doesn't offer free products. But if you want to purchase many products to boost your sale. Then we can give you a hand. Contact us and we will offer you a special discounted price. You need to contact us through email to get discount code [email protected]

Photos, Videos & Extras

To help you with your promoting we can provide images and videos of our products that you can use on your website, YouTube Chanel or Social Media Account. We are happy to provide your with materials.

How to Apply

Click here to apply. You need to fill out the registration form. Please make sure that you fill correct information. Once we have approved your application you will receive your unique affiliation link and information. 

How to Promote Big Lashes Sthlm

Your commissions depends on how many sales you make, the more sales you generate, the more you will earn! It's important that every sales you generate goes through your unique affiliate link as this is how you generate commission. Sales made outside of your unique affiliate link will not be linked to you so make the most of your link.

Different ways to promote

Website: If you are a blogger with a website then you can write about Big Lashes Sthlm and our products. Make sure to add your unique affiliate link in the blog for your readers to click on it.

YouTube: YouTube is a great way to earn commissions. Maybe you have a youtube channel where you do make-up tutorials videos. Use Big Lashes Sthlm in your videos and add your unique affiliate link to the description box so that your viewers and subscribers can purchase  via your unique affiliate link.

Social Media: Social media is a great way to promote our products and reach many potential customers such as Facebook, Instagram, Tvitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok and many others. To boost your sale on social media we recommend you to post frequently to generate more sales. Put your unique affiliate link in your bio (best to put it in the web address link so people can by simply by clicking on the link).

Friends & Family: Another great way is promoting to your friends and family. This can be done via word of mouth or via a private social media account. Your friends and family will be more than happy to support you by purchasing via your unique affiliate link.

If you have more questions that have not been answered, please feel free to contact us via email or Instagram private message.

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